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CAE Performance Products make a range of EFI Conversion looms for many applications like Holden Commodore EFI V8 and V6 engines and the LS series V8 engines, Ford's V8 EFI Windsor engines, Chev's Small Block EFI engines and Custom applications for 4WD conversions and Kit Cars like Cobra and GT40.

These looms feature easy Plug 'n' Play installation with only a few wires to connect to the original electrical system.

As you would know Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) is now the primary fuel delivery system for all modern vehicles. This system delivers precise fuel to the engine which is the reason for Improved performance and economy.

CAE Performance Products provide full Back Up and Support for all customers.
1 - All Conversions come with a detailed Installation Instructions.
2 - The website has FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which have many helpful hints to frequent problems and also Online Documents to download. Check the FAQ and Documents pages
3 - We are only a phone call away where you can talk to one of our EFI experts.
4 - All Products have full warranty check the CAE Warranty and Policy page here.

Our Services

* EFI Kits
* EFI Components
* Computer Diagnostics
* Fuel Tank Mods.
* Conversion Engine Mounts & Brackets
* Conversion Transmission X/Members
* Conversion Headers
* Custom Looms
* Electronic Speedo Conversion
* Chassis Dyno
* Plug 'n' Play installation
* Improved Performance and Economy
* Full Back up and Support
* V8 and V6 systems
* Systems to suit Ford, Chev, Holden & Commodore


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